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Who is the Publord?

Who is Guy Bennet?

Who is John Galt?

These are all pertinent questions, to which I only have the answer to the first two.

For, Publord and Guy Bennet are one of the same people. A Bitcoin pleb with a wonderfully big heart, a wicked sense of humour and a penchant for scarf-wearing, IPA, red wine and talking about the life-changing opportunities of #bitcoin.

Guy and I met via Twitter when he first burst onto the meme scene and had me chuckling at his fresh new memes (which he possibly should have watermarked, looking at you (fuck You) Greg).



PART 1/1

As Bitcoiners do, we promptly arranged a zoom beer with another fellow pleb known as ‘LabraHodl’ and many other names. Since then I have had the privilege to spend time as a fly on the wall in a group chat watching the lead memers of Bitcoin twitter have great fun conspiring and pushing each other to meme Bitcoin to the moon.

Not appeased with his meming contribution to the Bitcoin space Guy and good friend @Anders_  decided to start the now much loved and successful Bitcoin Youtube show The ‘Toxic Happy Hour’ (THH).

The show has a great reputation within the bitcoin community and I am honoured to have been invited on to the show several times to talk bitcoin and drink beers with two people I have never met in real life but feel a brotherhood to. Funny how bitcoin does that huh?

In our interview Guy and I find ourselves walking down some pretty deep and dark paths. We question the lies our whole lives and identities have been predicated on. We come to some sobering conclusions, especially for Guy who talks candidly about his families military background and the current events in Kabul. When viewed through a bitcoin lens these events can shake a man to his core.

Our conclusion is that bitcoin holds a mirror in front of you and shines a light on your soul. If you are not prepared for that and if you are too weak to face hard truths you are not gonna make it in a world of a bitcoin standard. The beauty of this technology is that charlatans will be exposed, greed will be turned against itself and the strongest and most open of minds will adapt, adopt, acquire, learn and prosper.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Guy and that you reach out to my friend Pubby. He has a big heart and would always love to connect with any of the plebs!

To the moon.



Host of The Once BITten Podcast.





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