About 21ISM

We celebrate Art as The State suppresses it. We champion creativity, thought, growth & freedom whilst fading fiat rulers feed us recession & fear.

Bitcoin is an idea whose time has come. It’s taking root in the hearts & minds of millions with a desire for change. Bitcoin’s Truth Machine is a safe haven for storing value in uncertain futures. Sovereignty through mathematics for the enrichment of every individual on Earth. Rules not rulers.

Our aim is to celebrate Artists across mediums, inspired to create by the ultimate expression of freedom – Bitcoin. Art is one of the languages it speaks & every month we take a spin on the ‘Creative Carousel’ to feature new Artists.  Enjoy the artist features on our website & podcasts on anchor.fm/21ism

What is 21ism? Taking the orange pill. Making your way towards the exit. Building towards a future that is better for all. Creativity. Optimism. That’s what it is, at least for me.


The Pack

SB and Badders started swapping creative saliva collaborating on Bitcoin inspired memes during lockdown. The seed for 21ism was sown. MrCrown & Max saw what was happening & offered skills in abundance.

It’s been months & months of work and we’ve waxed and waned a little, sometimes thinking we’d bitten off  more than we could chew. The week before launch has been phenomenal though, a genuine symphony of collaborative energy. It’s felt awesome pulling this together. Blessed to be a part of it – MrCrown is a patient Mofo!!

@SelfBankt – Gasman (Anaesthesiologist), SHAman, wannabe Artist & incessant meme dealer. You’ve probably seen SB’s memes around Bitcoin Twitter. Apart from loving the sweet corn he loves, ribeyes, Malbec, travel, Citadel hunting, kitesurfing & fatherhood.

@HodlerThanThou – A reformed metropolitan leftie and retired award winning song-writer. Now mainly focused on family, his remote forest citadel and 21ism. Apart from digital Beenie Babies he is into rare whisky, self-sufficient living and nature.

@MrCrownnnnn – Real life CSI, Photoshop nerd and autodidact webdesigner. Insanely underfollowed on Twitter but high rated by those who do. Apart from being insatiable for sats he enjoys and not selling bitcoin for altcoins.

@MaxbitBuyBit – Ex property investor turned Bitcoin and freedom maximalist. Max spends time with @snoutoshi , enjoying good food & travel. He hosts the Bit Buy Bit podcast focusing on freedom of speech & privacy. He also creates Art & sells only for sats.

21ism enjoys the skills and contribution of many of our friends

21ISM Pack

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