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I must confess I had Mark Moss all wrong – just another influencer with 300K YouTube subscribers who drops Bitcoin I thought . . .  yawn. The truth is, this guy’s based AF. The way he lays out the economic clusterfuck, this decade’s transition and how best to navigate ‘monetary reset’ illustrates deep understanding, experience & insight. Listen to his killer pod with John Vallis – it’s a rip. Marks’s just back from hanging with Vallis, Svetski, Pouliot and the Bitcoin Beach folks in El Salvador so he’s right in the middle of things too. Looking at his YT Channel, you don’t see a lot of Bitcoin, but the man’s a hunter. He preys on precoiners looking for financial exits. He’s playing 4D chess.

"If you’re not happy with the direction the world is going, if the great reset doesn’t sound like the future you want – then do something thing about it, say something about it."

Mark Moss


So how does he pitch it? Everyone loves a winner right? Mark Moss is an Investor and Entrepreneur with a passion to learn and teach others from his own mistakes. He’s founded seven companies, each growing past 7 figures including a high-value exit to a Fortune 500 company. He’s developed and flipped over $25mil in Real Estate, invested in gold mines, oil fields and Tech. He’s started, ran and invested in businesses through 3 different bear market cycles.


Mark grew up racing dirt bikes and when e-commerce kicked off he started selling motocross gear online, running ads in magazines when everyone else was mail order. This experience gave him early insight and advantage in the and online juggernaut. He started investing by buying foreclosed Real Estate from banks in 1995 with zero down at 18 years old. He fixed and flipped over 150 properties and by 2008 was sitting on quite an Empire.

"I thought I was the smartest guy in the world. Then the Great Financial Crash happened and I got completely wiped out."

Mark Moss

He went from many millions of dollars of equity to owing millions – right in the hole. It was from this low point that he vowed to figure out the global financial casino that had screwed him over. It led him initially to become a gold-bug and subsequently into the Sound Money rabbit hole.

He soon started making money again and learned all the things he’d got wrong the first time, like setting up a portfolio that’s ready for anything. He started investing the right way, learning about the Financial System from a deeper level, not just how to create wealth but how the System itself worked.


Bitcoin crossed his path a couple of times. He saw it pump and crash in 2012/2013 and then began looking into offshore bank accounts and trusts for jurisdictional arbitrage in Panama, wanting his money outside any one banking jurisdiction. When he took another look at Bitcoin he realised it was providing pretty much the same thing, a way to get money out of the banking system.

He never ended up going through with the Panama deal and ploughed into Bitcoin instead. This was around 2014. 2015 was a dud year but by 2016 things were heating up again. With skin in the game, he was digging deeper and Bitcoin began pushing all his disillusioned, politicised trigger points. To say he was disillusioned with politics was an understatement.

"I didn’t want to fight the system with guns but began realising Bitcoin was the tool we win with. "

Mark Moss

After telling friends and family about it ad infinitum, his online marketing side came out and he started creating digital content about Bitcoin too. Like many of us he got swept up in the Crypto train. He wrote a Crypto research newsletter between 2015-19 before leaving crypto to pursue Bitcoin only content. He now creates personal finance education content on YouTube and other platforms and talks regularly about Bitcoin, Sound Money and the influences of fiat money, fiat culture and fiat food on the world.


What most people in the developed world don’t understand is WHY we need Bitcoin . . . Why it’s important? . . . Why it’s worth the energy? There’s plenty of Bitcoin podcasts aimed at Bitcoiners but Mark’s hunting for fresh recruits. His videos talk about the problems of the current Fiat system and introduces Bitcoin as the solution. You won’t see videos on his channel about how to use hardware wallets or how mining works. It’s more about the bank repo markets blowing up – the casino and how the fix of how to get your money out and working for you is Bitcoin.

He’s looked at topics like Great Reset of food : Why are they taking over food? More importantly, how are they doing that? They’re printing money, buying up all the farmland and pushing this agenda of fake meat. How do we defeat this? We take away the money printer. How do we do that? With Bitcoin. So even though it looks like his videos aren’t Bitcoin videos . . . they are.

"My content gets people interested in related issues like the great reset of food, who wouldn’t ever be interested in Bitcoin, down the rabbit hole."

Mark Moss

He does two videos a week, spending 5-6 hours on research and writing to pull historical elements and causality together, then the filming and editing time. He also does at least one podcast a week. So that’s three shows a week. He’s a beast – that’s why he’s pushing 300K subscribers.


Mark’s take on this is virtuoso . . . From a super high level, the world is going very quickly into totalitarianism, whatever you want to call it – Socialism, Communism, Fascism or Collectivism. And technology is evolving at a rate that could create the perfect prison for us soon, a Matrix type scenario. We’re seeing this occur in real time with COVID passports, Social Credit scores and CBDCs. If these are accepted, humanity may never come back from it.

"We have a tool in Bitcoin to hold the line & reshape humanity’s future. Whoever wins this battle sets the stage for humanity – it’s that important."

Mark Moss

The war will be fought this decade – either we get freedom or totalitarianism by 2030. The main tool the totalitarian side is using to keep their power and control at any cost is the money printer. We’re at the 50th anniversary of the world going off the Gold Standard and we have $400 trillion of debt and 1.5 quadrillion dollars in obligated debt. It’s unsustainable growth by any measure, we’re NOT growing anymore. We’re running in quicksand – that’s the global picture.

The only tool they have is to create money. So now they want to solve, racial and gender inequality or climate change. How do they do that if all they have is a money printer, well they just print more money. All they want is an excuse to print more money and keep more control. But what’s happening is that it’s having diminishing returns. We’re in a countdown where the central banks around the world can’t stop printing. He sees a scary outcome as the money they’re pumping in is already creating inflation – US houses are up 25% in 12 months, lumber up 300%, gas up 100%. Everybody knows prices are up 30 to 100%.

"The world’s on the Titanic, it’s hit an iceberg & sinking fast. We’ve gotta offload as many as we can onto Bitcoin’s lifeboat so when it goes down less people are onboard."

Mark Moss

The problem is, if they pull back, the whole thing crashes. So they’re stuck between this rock and a hard place where if they don’t continue printing, everything crashes, but if they do, then prices go up like crazy. The third more scary option is what all nations do at the end of their lifecycle – they try and fix prices. Rent fixing, or stock fixing at ‘fair values’. We’re already starting to hear that language from Senator Warren. But price fixing is just more control, more totalitarianism. Price fixing controls are very close to the end of their ability to hold things together. They mess too much with supply and demand dynamics. Needs won’t be met because producers can’t supply the demand. It’ll only accelerate the downward spiral and be a cesspit of corruption.




Mark believes history can tell us how we got here, what’s going on, and more importantly, what the future holds. There’s three different repeating revolutionary cycles and they’re converging at exactly the same time right now : a political/social/cultural cycle, a technological revolution cycle and a financial revolution cycle.

"The Fourth Turning talks about 80yr cycles & how the last one is tumultuous. I believe this decade will be one in which monumental change occurs."

Mark Moss

We know that about every 80 years, there’s a financial revolution. It follows the business cycle, a la Ray Dalio’s Credit Cycle. 80 years ago was the Bretton Woods Agreement – the financial system of the entire world changed. Today, the IMF/WEF/BIS are calling for Bretton Woods 2 – a great reset of the financial system again. People are asking, “Is it going to be a CBDC? Will the digital Dollar or Yuan be reserve currency?” But they’re only looking from one angle. The answers emerge from the other two cycles . . .

Let’s look at the political/social/cultural cycles. Every 84 years there’s a populist uprising or regime change. So 84 years ago was World War II, Mussolini, Hitler and FDR. 84 years before that Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto, which led to the European Spring – the largest revolution in European history. Every 250 years, there’s a revolution. 250 years ago was the American & French Revolution, 250 years before that the Protestant Reformation. What both of those represented was a rejection of centralisation and a move to decentralisation.

"Humans strive for freedom but some want to control others. When they get that power they oppress forming a cycle of freedom, oppression & revolution that repeats over & over."

Mark Moss

The 250 year revolutionary cycle is hitting right now. It’s easy enough to see – before the pandemic there were 10 countries with a million people marching and protesting. Today, there’s at least six that have ongoing mass uprisings. And what is it they’re pushing for? An end to centralisation and move to decentralisation. We’re clearly at peak globalisation now: World Economic Forum, World Health Organisation, World Trade Organisation, World Bank, IMF . . . but the world is pushing back.

Every 50 years, there’s also a technological revolution, an innovation cycle. In the 1700s, the Industrial Revolution took people from farms and cottage industries into factories and cities. People moved from man-power to horse-power, steam-power, coal, oil & electricity. In 1971 the microprocessor facilitated personal computers, telecommunications and the Internet. 1971 plus 50 years puts us to right here today, and there’s a new technological revolution happening . . .




Solutions often come to problems and today’s problems include centralisation, manipulation, unlimited money printing and censorship. We need a solution to these and it just so happens the internet and Bitcoin’s technological revolution gives us the very decentralisation we seek.

"What we have in Bitcoin is a technology that gives us decentralisation at the very time we need it most."

Mark Moss

In terms of the financial revolution, everyone’s been asking which centralised CBDC is gonna be the one. They’re looking for a centralised answer. But the future is decentralised. So while everybody’s looking for authority to announce the next reserve asset . . . My reserve is Bitcoin. Your reserve is Bitcoin. MicroStrategy’s reserve is Bitcoin. El Salvador’s reserve is Bitcoin. History tells us the future is one in which humans strive for freedom and win.  We have a technology that allows us to win. We know the financial system is ready to be reset. Add all that together and it’s a brighter fucking future.


We know that the Central Banks and planners are going to do everything they can to hang on to their power. Battles will be fought over money and information. They’re gonna continue with their misinformation and their moneyprinting. But at the same time, as more and more people get onto Bitcoin’s lifeboat, it’ll take more and more of their power away.

"What breaks the trend of increasing state totalitarianism is jurisdictional competition."

Mark Moss

In the US Texas and Florida have recently out-competed New York and California. The Governor in California is being recalled and Cuomo is facing legal charges in New York. But what about when nations start competing?

When Mark grew up, under the Cold War and Berlin Wall, he had friends that moved from oppressive countries. When they came, they came with no money. They couldn’t take their real estate or gold with them. They couldn’t get their money out of the banks. So how much does that affect a country if the people who leave can’t take their/your wealth? Not so much, but if they could take their wealth and countries start losing them – then competition speeds up.

He expects to see the whole world cooperating more and more in terms of global tax but that there’ll be some countries that won’t, driven purely out of their own self interest. Mark envisions an Atlas Shrugged phenomenon with productive people increasingly disappearing from societies that don’t serve them well. Developed nations will lose so many productive people that they’ll be forced to reconsider tactics.


20 years from now, Mark sees the Renaissance 2.0. Maybe even Renaissance x2000. When we went from the Mediaeval Times into the Renaissance, the world exploded with progress. That’s where we’ll go. It always happens after the revolution. There’s eight stages of an empire lasting about 250 years. The first one is the the spring, the breaking of shackles and explosion of everything that’s new, exciting and hopeful. Freedom of information, movement, ideas and global sound money will be a heady combination. An open system of trust and truth, free trade of sound and secure information, much smaller Nation States or localised regional areas. Bear in mind the US was originally designed as a Republic of 50 independent States. Global citizens like us will travel freely around the world, taking our work, ideas, talents and resources with us everywhere we go. It sounds awesome.

Check out Mark Moss’s YouTube Channel, his Market Disruptors Podcast, his website and @1MarkMoss on Twitter.




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